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27 Dec

How do I prep my new Gen2 Charcoal Bamboo lined diapers & inserts?

Our new Gen2 diapers MUST be prepped separately from any other type of diaper or insert.

They may be prepped with other charcoal bamboo diapers or inserts but not any other style (eg. microfiber inserts, microsuede lined diapers)


** Please note **  KerrBear Kids' diapers should NOT be washed on hot, ever.


To prep the Charcoal Bamboo lined cloth diapers, there are 3 ways. The first two ways are the same as stripping stinky diapers.

1) wash unprepped diapers/inserts with a packet of RLR (if you choose this method you can mix and match diaper types!!)

2) wash unprepped diapers/inserts with blue dawn - Please see this link for instructions:   

3) wash unprepped diapers/inserts with an extra rinse, twice. If you choose this method, your diapers will take approximately 4-6 washes to reach the maximum absorbency.


After you've prepped your diapers, put them in your dryer on high for approximately 15-20 minutes. This re-seals the PUL around stitching and the snaps and is MANDATORY before use. After 15-20 minutes, remove the diaper shells from the dryer and hang dry them the rest of the way. Inserts may stay in the dryer until dry.


If in doubt, please feel free to ask any questions you may have!  Sales@kerrbearkids.com

27 Dec

What is the difference between the Classic Style KerrBear Kids diapers and the new Gen2 diapers?

Posted by KBK Admin

The new KerrBear Kids Gen2 diapers now include:

- A new 4x2 snap design will now fit even smaller newborns (approximately 6 lbs - 40 lbs) for a longer lasting diaper
- Additional hip snaps for a more adjustable fit
- 5 layer charcoal bamboo insert included with each diaper for increased absorbency
- New charcoal bamboo inner fabric to wick away moisture and hide stains


The Classic Style KerrBear Kids diapers have:

- A 3x2 snap that fit 9 lbs - 36 lbs
- Fewer hip snaps
- 3 layer white microfiber insert
- White MicroFleece or MicroSuede inner fabric


Both styles of diaper have the CPSIA compliant laundry tags and a strip of fabric that keeps baby from reaching the inner layer of PUL from behind.

22 Apr

How do I strip my diapers?

Posted by KBK Kerry in laundry, leak, smell, stink, wash routine, washing

 When your diapers start to leak or even get a smell, whether it's ammonia buildup or 'barnyard stinkies', it's time to STRIP! The diapers that is. Below are the instructions, but please note that if you are constantly having smells, there is more to look into. 

        Ammonia buildup comes from either containing urine in a wet bag for more than 48 hours, or from not getting your diapers truly clean during the last wash. 

This can be 'fixed' by stripping and then either leaving your wet bag open (it helps smells believe it or not!) or adding 1/3c of white vinegar to your pre-soak. Vinegar is a mild acid, which will help neutralize the pH of the base, ammonia. It's also really great at getting rid of smells.

        Barnyard stink (think horse stalls) comes from not using enough detergent or from detergent buildup.

Barnyard stink can be 'fixed' by stripping and then either using more detergent (approx 1.5 of the amount you were previously using) or by looking into another detergent. Please review our recommended detergents list here. http://www.kerrbearkids.com/blogs/faq/6798866-what-detergents-are-cloth-diaper-friendly


Directions for stripping your cloth diapers with RLR: 

Fill washer to highest setting with warm water (NOT hot!), add 1 packet/pod of RLR for top loaders or 1/2 packet/pod for front loaders. 

Next add up to 60 diaper items (30 inserts, 30 diapers or 20 diapers 40 inserts etc.) 

Soak for 30 minutes and then run a normal wash cycle. 

Rinse & spin twice, hang dry diaper shells & dry your inserts in the dryer. 


Directions for stripping your cloth diapers with blue Dawn dish soap: (not recommended for front loaders)

Fill washer to highest setting with warm water (NOT hot!), add 1 teaspoon of blue dawn.

Next add up to 60 diaper items

Run a normal wash/rinse cycle

Re-run your wash/rinse cycle until you no longer see any bubbles when the diaper laundry is agitating. (this can take up to 3 wash/rinse cycles!)

Hang dry diaper shells & dry inserts in the dryer  **if prepping by using this method, please cross-check our prep instructions**

05 Apr

How can I prevent leaks?

Posted by KBK Kerry in how to prep, laundry, leak, wash routine, washing

We occasionally hear of parents who are having issues with their cloth diapers leaking.  The most common issues and resolutions are:

1.  Diaper was not prepped properly or prepped at all.  To resolve, follow our instructions on how to prep your new diapers.  This includes drying on high heat for approximately 20 minutes when you first receive your diaper to seal it around all of the snaps & stitching.  After prepping, DO NOT wash or dry on hot or high heat.

2.  The interior of the diaper is repelling liquid.  You can test this by taking the clean diaper and dropping a few drops of water on the interior. If the water sits there for more than a few seconds and you can 'roll' a bead of water around, your diaper is repelling. This is often caused by using non-diaper safe detergents or diaper creams that cause a build up.  The easiest way to correct this is to wash your diaper like normal, then wash once more using RLR Laundry Treatment.  See our FAQ for more information on wash routines and cloth diaper safe detergents.

3.  Your child is a heavy wetter.  Each baby is different and some urinate more than others.  When using a pocket diaper, you can add additional microfiber, bamboo, bamboo blend or charcoal bamboo inserts which will usually resolve most leak issues.  For overnight, we carry double gusset diapers that have upgraded inserts & two rows of elastic to help prevent blowouts & leaks.

4.  The seal around the legs is not tight.  When putting the diaper on your baby, make sure that there are no gaps in between the elastic and their leg.  To tighten, simply adjust the size of the diaper using the 3 riser snaps that run up the middle of the diaper.  While they should be snug, the elastics around baby's thigh should not be so tight they are causing red marks. If you overstuff your diaper with too many inserts, you may cause gaps that can't be closed even if they are tight on most of baby's leg.

17 Mar

How do I prep my Blend inserts?

Posted by KBK Kerry in bamboo, blends, how to prep, washing

 Blend inserts are inserts that have two types of fabric. Typically this would be bamboo on the outside & microfiber on the inside. We sell 4-layer Bamboo Blend inserts & 5-layer Charcoal Bamboo Blend inserts. 

All blend inserts will need to be prepped by following either set of these directions, not both.

  • Depending on how many inserts you are prepping, fill your washer with the hottest water setting you have, add all of your blend inserts (if you have 3-layer bamboo or any hemp inserts you've purchased elsewhere and need to prep, you can add them too!) and run it through a wash cycle. If your washer has an extra rinse/spin cycle, set it for that. You need to rinse/spin on HOT for at least 4-5 rinse/spin cycles. Dry in the dryer & they are ready to use. 
  • Fill your washer to it's highest setting full of HOT water. Add a packet of RLR (or 1/2 packet for front loaders) and all inserts you'd like to prep. Soak for 30 minutes, run a full cycle on your washer and then add 2 rinse/spin cycles. Dry in the dryer and they are ready to use.

Both Bamboo and Hemp will become more absorbent with each use until about the 10th wash, where it reaches it's maximum absorbency.


If you do not prep these inserts properly, you will transfer the natural oils to your diaper stash and cause repelling, which leads to leaks. Please prep all inserts properly before use.


If you have any questions about prepping, please email us! Sales@kerrbearkids.com 


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