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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers

27 Dec

What is the difference between the Classic Style KerrBear Kids diapers and the new Gen2 diapers?

Posted by KBK Admin

The new KerrBear Kids Gen2 diapers now include:

- A new 4x2 snap design will now fit even smaller newborns (approximately 6 lbs - 40 lbs) for a longer lasting diaper
- Additional hip snaps for a more adjustable fit
- 5 layer charcoal bamboo insert included with each diaper for increased absorbency
- New charcoal bamboo inner fabric to wick away moisture and hide stains


The Classic Style KerrBear Kids diapers have:

- A 3x2 snap that fit 9 lbs - 36 lbs
- Fewer hip snaps
- 3 layer white microfiber insert
- White MicroFleece or MicroSuede inner fabric


Both styles of diaper have the CPSIA compliant laundry tags and a strip of fabric that keeps baby from reaching the inner layer of PUL from behind.