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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers

27 Dec

How do I prep my new Gen2 Charcoal Bamboo lined diapers & inserts?

Our new Gen2 diapers MUST be prepped separately from any other type of diaper or insert.

They may be prepped with other charcoal bamboo diapers or inserts but not any other style (eg. microfiber inserts, microsuede lined diapers)


** Please note **  KerrBear Kids' diapers should NOT be washed on hot, ever.


To prep the Charcoal Bamboo lined cloth diapers, there are 3 ways. The first two ways are the same as stripping stinky diapers.

1) wash unprepped diapers/inserts with a packet of RLR (if you choose this method you can mix and match diaper types!!)

2) wash unprepped diapers/inserts with blue dawn - Please see this link for instructions:   

3) wash unprepped diapers/inserts with an extra rinse, twice. If you choose this method, your diapers will take approximately 4-6 washes to reach the maximum absorbency.


After you've prepped your diapers, put them in your dryer on high for approximately 15-20 minutes. This re-seals the PUL around stitching and the snaps and is MANDATORY before use. After 15-20 minutes, remove the diaper shells from the dryer and hang dry them the rest of the way. Inserts may stay in the dryer until dry.


If in doubt, please feel free to ask any questions you may have!  Sales@kerrbearkids.com