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29 Sep

How should I wash my cloth diapers and inserts?

Posted by KBK Kerry in cloth diaper, dry, insert, laundry, wash routine, washing

Washing your cloth diapers and inserts is quite easy and requires little extra care or maintenance from other laundry. KerrBear Kids has a few recommendations on washing which have been included below. 

  • Use a cloth diaper safe detergent to prevent build up that may affect the performance and absorbency of your cloth diapers and inserts.
  • Always remove the inserts from the diaper before placing them into the washing machine.
  • Diapers should go through a cold pre-rinse (no detergent), warm wash with cloth diaper safe detergent and a final cold rinse (no detergent). 
  • Avoid any temp over 110 degrees to prevent damage to the waterproof PUL layers of the diaper.  Washing or drying diapers on hot WILL damage the diapers and can cause leaking.
  • Diapers should be line dried or you may dry them in the dryer on a "No Heat" setting.  This will prevent the possible breakdown of the elastics & waterproof PUL lining.

For a list of cloth diaper safe detergents, please see our FAQ.

If you'd like an example, our wash routine is:

    Fill the washer to it's highest water setting with cold water. Soak with 1/4c white vinegar (even if you have soft water, the vinegar helps to neutralize the pH of the ammonia/urine from pee soaked diapers) & no detergent. After the soak, we add 3tbsp of Tide Original, run it through it's normal wash cycle which includes 1 rinse & 1 spin. After that completes, we run it through an extra rinse and spin. We then put only the inserts into the dryer on high and hang dry our pockets.