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23 Oct

What is the difference between a Microfiber and Bamboo insert?

Posted by KBK Kerry in bamboo, cloth diaper, insert, microfiber

The primary qualities of Microfiber and Bamboo inserts are detailed below:


  • Plush and bulkier insert
  • Absorbs faster
  • Dries faster
  • Holds less liquid
  • Can cause compression leaks if 'full'
  • Little to no first time prep required
  • OK to put against baby's skin, but not recommended - may cause dryness or skin reactions in sensitive babies
  • Synthetic material that may hold smells if not cleaned thoroughly

3-layer Bamboo 

  • All natural fibers, doesn't hold smells
  • Safe to put next to baby's skin if needed
  • Thinner insert to reduce bulk
  • Absorbs slower
  • Dries slower
  • Holds more liquid
  • Requires a first time prep before washing or using

We prefer (and so do many of our customers) to use a microfiber insert on top to absorb and wick away the liquid fast, then underneath, a 3-layer bamboo insert to increase absorbency without adding the bulk of a second microfiber insert.