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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers

24 Oct

Are one-size pocket diapers really one size fits all?

Posted by KBK Kerry in cloth diaper, fit, one size, pocket diaper, rise, snaps

Our pocket diapers are ALMOST one size fits all. While they do fit 8+lb babies, you get the best fit once your little one has developed a little bit of chunk on their thighs which for most babies is around 10lbs. 

The waist & hip snaps across the top maintain a proper fit around baby's tummy while several rise snaps up the middle can reduce or increase the size around the legs. Our diapers fit babies and toddlers from approximately 8 lbs to 35 lbs. The same diaper has been able to fit our daughter at one month old and our son at almost 3 years old.