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15 Jan

What are "liners" used for?

Posted by KBK Kerry in cloth diaper, fleece liner, laundry, liner

Liners are strips of cloth or disposable viscose material that are put next to baby's bum to 'catch' solid waste but still allow liquid to pass through.

Once babies begin to eat solid foods, their poop starts to become solid as well and the thought of dealing with baby poop is quite unappealing to many cloth diaper parents.  The easiest way to deal with this inconvenience, is to use a liner. When the baby needs to be changed the liner can be peeled off of the inside of the diaper so that the waste can roll off and be flushed. Cloth diaper liners are typically made of a thin biodegradable mesh/viscose that can be flushed whole or of reusable fleece.