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17 Mar

How do I prep my Blend inserts?

Posted by KBK Kerry in bamboo, blends, how to prep, washing

 Blend inserts are inserts that have two types of fabric. Typically this would be bamboo on the outside & microfiber on the inside. We sell 4-layer Bamboo Blend inserts & 5-layer Charcoal Bamboo Blend inserts. 

All blend inserts will need to be prepped by following either set of these directions, not both.

  • Depending on how many inserts you are prepping, fill your washer with the hottest water setting you have, add all of your blend inserts (if you have 3-layer bamboo or any hemp inserts you've purchased elsewhere and need to prep, you can add them too!) and run it through a wash cycle. If your washer has an extra rinse/spin cycle, set it for that. You need to rinse/spin on HOT for at least 4-5 rinse/spin cycles. Dry in the dryer & they are ready to use. 
  • Fill your washer to it's highest setting full of HOT water. Add a packet of RLR (or 1/2 packet for front loaders) and all inserts you'd like to prep. Soak for 30 minutes, run a full cycle on your washer and then add 2 rinse/spin cycles. Dry in the dryer and they are ready to use.

Both Bamboo and Hemp will become more absorbent with each use until about the 10th wash, where it reaches it's maximum absorbency.


If you do not prep these inserts properly, you will transfer the natural oils to your diaper stash and cause repelling, which leads to leaks. Please prep all inserts properly before use.


If you have any questions about prepping, please email us! Sales@kerrbearkids.com