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27 Dec

KerrBear Kids Gen2 Diapers Released

Posted by KBK Admin
The KerrBear Kids Gen2 diapers have been released on our store and on Amazon! The Gen2 diapers include:

- A new 4x2 snap design will now fit even smaller newborns (approximately 6 lbs - 38 lbs)
- Additional hip snaps for a more adjustable fit
- 5 layer charcoal bamboo insert included with each diaper
- New charcoal bamboo inner fabric to wick away moisture and hide stains
- New pocket with charcoal bamboo fabric to keep baby fingers away from PUL material
- New CPSIA care tags

We've taken longer than expected to release the Gen2 diapers in order to make sure that we're providing the highest quality upgrades while keeping our new Gen2 prices affordable.  Prices will range from $9.50 to $9.90 for each diaper.  Our initial catalog will be limited with more being added in the coming months.