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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers


What is CPSIA? 

CPSIA stands for the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, a law that was enacted in August of 2008 with the aim of improving product safety standards for products used by children.  It covers a wide range of products, virtually everything that would be sold to a consumer for use or wearing by children. 

CPSIA rules are complicated and have not been well explained to most manufacturers, it's been particularly hard for small manufacturers like KerrBear Kids, as we do not have ready (or inexpensive) resources to interpret and apply the complicated legal text.  The part that most matters to diaper makers is the Lead testing. 

What needs testing?

While there is no final rule on the definition of a “child care article” it is advisable to consider cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories will legally be classified as such. That means they are subject to exemptions and certifications as required by the law.  As a 'child care' product, cloth diapers, covers and swim diapers will require certification based on the materials used, and the style and construction. 


What is KerrBear Kids, LLC doing?

The following items have undergone CPSIA testing for our new KerrBear Kids Gen2 diapers. 


In addition, all of our new KerrBear Kids 2.0 diapers will include new tracking labels.  At the start, due to practicality, these tracking labels will only be available on the packing.  The tracking label includes our name, date of production, and a run number as part of Section 103(a) of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  In the near future, these labels will be attached to each diaper.


Where can I find your CPSIA test results?


We have made our test results available online.  Please see Intertek Report Number WOAH00062239 for CPSIA Compliance.


Exemptions (though we still completed and passed testing):

  • As a dyed or undyed textile, our Polyester outer and Charcoal Bamboo inner will be exempt from testing (http://www.cpsc.gov//PageFiles/113995/cpsiasbguide.pdf)
  • Under 16 C.F.R. Parts 1615 & 1616, Underwear and diapers are not children’s sleepwear and are therefore exempt from flammability requirements testing (https://www.cpsc.gov/PageFiles/98883/regsumsleepwear.pdf)
  • We are working on a redesign of our diapers to limit access to our PUL by babies.  Once achieved, all of our fabric components will be exempt from costly 3rd party testing requirements.  The Commission has provided limited exclusions for productsComponents that are not accessible,that is cannot be reached by a small child’s finger or tongue. 


Owner, KerrBear Kids, LLC

Small Batch Manufacturer

Registration Year                                                      Registration Number
2013                                                   021885-092013
2014                                                   021885-122014