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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers

Product Image 25 Cloth Diaper Starter Package

25 Cloth Diaper Starter Package


We have redesigned our Cloth Diaper Starter Packages to give you the utmost versatility!

To build this discounted starter package, simply add this item & at least 25 diapers to your cart. Then use discount code: Starter25 to receive 10% off EVERYTHING in your cart!

A typical newborn baby will need roughly 12 diaper changes a day. This package gives you the minimum you would need for 2 days plus 1 diaper extra for baby to be in while you are doing diaper laundry. 

KerrBear Kids recommends the following for a newborn:

(These items are not included in this purchase, you must add them to your cart if they are items you are interested in purchasing.)

19 print diapers

6 solid diapers

1 travel wet bag

1 XL wet bag

2 packets of RLR Laundry Treatment

6 fleece liners (to easily peel away solid waste to be shaken into the toilet)

Additional Microfiber, Bamboo, Bamboo Blend or Charcoal Bamboo inserts to adjust absorbency.  Especially important to heavy wetters.


Questions about this? Please email us at sales@kerrbearkids.com before purchasing!

 ** If you do not have at least 25 diapers on your order, the discount code is invalid and your order may be delayed. **