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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers

Product Image Classic - Darling Dinos Cloth Diaper

Classic - Darling Dinos Cloth Diaper


Style of diaper:   One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper (9-38 lbs)

Now with COLORED snaps!


Each machine-washable diaper includes:  

1 one-size Micro Suede lined pocket diaper.  

1 absorbent 3 layer Microfiber insert.  



The outside of the diaper is made of a waterproof but breathable PUL (polyurethane laminate) while the inside is made of a soft Micro Suede that wicks away moisture from baby's bottom while also hiding stains!  The classic 3 layer, absorbent microfiber insert absorbs liquids and can have its absorbency increased by adding additional inserts or switching to our ultra-absorbent charcoal bamboo insert.  The pocket allows multiple inserts to be added to adjust the absorbency as babies grow into toddlers and for overnight usage.


Our classic KerrBear Kids diapers have a 4x2 rise snap pattern to provide an adjustable fit around the waist.  Each Classic diaper also includes a safety strip inside of the pocket to keep infants from reaching the PUL.


Whether you're pregnant or already have children, these diapers are a great addition and can offer huge cost savings.