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Affordable and Adorable Cloth Diapers

Product Image Travel Size Zippered Wet Bag

Travel Size Zippered Wet Bag


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                   1. Machine washable & dryable, just toss in with your diaper laundry!

                   2. Waterproof

                   3. Two pockets, one for dirty & one for clean

                   4. Easy to use & carry

                   5. Very Light-Weight

This zippered 12" x 15" 'travel size' wet bag with a two pocket design allows you to keep all of your items in one bag while keeping the clean and soiled items separate. Easy to use and carry. Truly an all in one wet bag!

Use this as your 'out and about' wet bag for your diaper bag! It holds approximately 4-6 dirty diapers in the main pocket & 2 clean in the other.